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So since this blog is new to me and you (blogging isn’t…hmmm mysterious) , I thought I’d better fill anyone who cares in on all the details. 

I am a Mom of 4 kids.  They are mostly great, but have their moments.  My oldest is a boy who is 12 (DS).  I also have 3 girls, ages 10, 6, and 4 (DD#1, DD#2, DD#3).  I am also a Wife and have been for around 15 years.  Mr. Man hates the DH term, so in case he sees this blog someday he will be so deemed.

I live somewhere in California (the nice parts by the ocean) and am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons).  I may use some LDS terminology sometimes.  If you are confused or need more info on that go here.  I’m a pretty liberal Mormon girl, Mr. Man is not (liberal or a girl).  But we make it work.  Prop. 8 was interesting at our house, to say the least.  I grew up in Utah and no, I don’t know how I turned out so liberal, but I’m grateful to be in California among my peeps.

I’m choosing to remain anonymous here because I’m a chicken.  I also may blog about stuff that will be hurtful to my friends and family on occasion and I’m not ready to go there.  If you are a Mommy or a Mormon I may have commented on your blog, but probably not.  I am a lurker.  There I said it.  Feel free to lurk with me.  Comments would be appreciated since this blog is meant to help me figure out the crazy stuff that goes on in both my head and my life, but if you’re a lurker, welcome anyway.  I totally get it.  Most of the time, I just don’t feel like anyone cares what I have to say, so I don’t say it, or someone has already said what I would say anyway.

If you do leave a comment, I would be very excited.  I have a family blog somewhere out there and my family never comments, so it would be exciting.  I might come out of the closet if I get enough attention comments.

More of my life will come out in the future, but you have the basics now, you know just in case anyone out there really cares.  I’m not sure you will.


I’m starting this blog because I have a lot of stuff in my head and can’t tell anybody without offending at least one person.  Hopefully, this will help.  I’m a mom, a wife and a pretty good friend, but sometimes there’s just stuff I want to say and can’t.

I don’t know if you’ll think I’m funny, mean or even interesting, but maybe I’ll feel better.  Comments will always be welcome.  Anything you have to say may help me decide if I’m crazy or not.  So here I go, hopefully someone out there will care.

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